Rica software development

For more than 30 years, Rica Engineering has been dedicated to chiptuning software development. All Rica chiptuning software is developed in-house using advanced techniques. These techniques are constantly being refined. All new insights and techniques are used to ensure that we remain No. 1 in the field of chiptuning.

In our R&D office in the Netherlands, the best automotive software is developed with highly advanced techniques. With specialized tools, we edit and optimize the variables of the ECM software. This meticulous process sometimes takes several days. We test and measure all the adjustments on our rollingroad to see how the engine responds and performs to these changes. If the software optimization is complete, we will use this as a template when customizing similar software versions. To ensure that the software has the latest requirements, we review the templates regularly.

With over 30 years of experience, we can safely say your car is in good hands. Our software will get the most out of your engine, faster acceleration, improved response and in most cases better fuel economy. You will be amazed by how much more fun your car can be.

Rica has 200 dealers worldwide in 29 countries