What are Fault codes/ Diagnostic trouble codes

Engine trouble codes, also known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), or sometimes P-Codes, are shown when the engine control unit determines that there may be a problem or malfunction with the engine management system. With a Fault Code Delete we prevent dashboard lights from turning on and the vehicle from going into limp mode.

The reason for the error code itself is to trace the problem to a specific area or sensor in the system, so that anyone working on the vehicle can trace the problem. 

DTC and engine error codes consist of 1 initial letter followed by 4 digits, which together are unique to a component or sensor in the engine management system.

Price: from €150,-*

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Why remove fault/diagnostic trouble codes?

Permanently removing error codes from the engine management system is a very helpful process when modifying a vehicle. Removing components such as swirl flaps, EGR valves, other modules, etc. often cause error codes that are stored in the ECU’s memory. These are stored, along with lights on the dashboard and “limp mode.” By recoding the ECU data and permanently deleting the specific error code, we can prevent the lights on the dashboard from coming on and the vehicle from entering limp mode.

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