What is Adblue Delete

If your AdBlue system stops working, it can take many days and high costs to repair it. An AdBlue Delete electronically disables the AdBlue system and removes the warning messages and the need to refill the system.

What is Adblue

AdBlue is a chemical commonly used in SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) on diesel vehicles. Its sole purpose is to reduce NOx levels in the exhaust gases. This AdBlue fluid is a combination of urea and demineralized water that is injected into the vehicle’s exhaust system. In the process, a chemical reaction occurs, converting the NOx into both nitrogen and water vapor. Sometimes AdBlue is also referred to as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

Price: €350*

* ex. VAT.

Disadvantages of the Adblue system

  • If the AdBlue tank is empty, the engine cannot be started
  • The sometimes high cost of refueling
  • The freezing point is only -11 degrees Celsius (12.2 °F)
  • Clogging of injectors etc. is a possibility
  • Degradation begins at about 60 degrees Celsius
  • High failure sensitivity causes a visit to a workshop
  • Higher fuel consumption because the system requires electricity
  • The user works with a highly corrosive fluid
  • Very high dust load for the catalyst

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