Rica Engineering has over 30 years experience in tuning engines.
We have experience almost every brand of engine management systems.

With Rica Standalone Management we will configure the ecu to your liking. During dyno work the engine will be monitored with knock detection, lambda (A/F) and temperature control.

STEP 1 | Intake
To get the best results, we need to know all about the cars modifications and what the customer expects to achieve.

STEP 2 | Pre-dyno check
We start with a basic inspection of the car, making sure the car is suitable for dyno tuning.

STEP 3 | Light load dyno testing
We begin running and mapping the engine on light load. This way we can see if everything is working properly and the engine is running okay.

STEP 4 | Mapping
Mapping the ecu; fuel, ignition and boost will be adjusted through the full rev range.

STEP 5 | Road test
After dyno mapping we will test the car on the road. to make sure it behaves just as well in the real world.

Rica has 200 dealers worldwide in 29 countries